State of AspergiaEdit

Flag of aspergia

Flag of Aspergia

The state of Aspergia is a to-be technocracy where the Autistic people can live together in harmony without having to be opressed by the primitive and ignorant Neurotypicals.

Creating and living in Aspergia is the only rational choice for the Autistics to deal with the Neurotypicals. Due to the inherent neurological differences between the Autistic and the Neurotypical species, the Neurotypical masking behaviors commonly offered as a "treatment" for Autism by (ignorant) psychiatrists could never work, because the Autistic neurology simply isn't suited for the same kind of social interaction as the Neurotypical one is. Autistics do not deal in cultural symbols like the neurotypicals do (to understand this, read the Asperger Bible). The Autistics are not interested in competing for social rank, or attempting to manipulate others. It is not wired in their neurology.

Therefore, attempting to deal with the Neurotypicals in their own terms could never prove successful in the long term. Attempting to act rational and straightforward with the NTs will only create conflict.


A typical social interaction between an Aspie and an NT, demonstrating the NT's lack of capability in the use of literal speech:

Aspie: The setting on the machine was wrong. The production will fail.

NT: You saying it was my fault? Imma fuck you up.

Aspie: WTF


The effects of the Autistic neurology on the culture of Aspergia

The Autistic neurology projects certain unique cultural impacts on an Autist-only society, features of which differ from the Neurotypical world. Some of these are listed in the following:

1. Eye contact is considered rude. Some of the Aspies conditioned in the Neurotypical ways might force themselves to do this, but later realize that they are acting wrong.

2. Aversion to excessive stimulation. Due to the insensitivity to visual, audial or kinesthetic stimulation often associated with Autism, certain precautions for these stimulations are taken. These include: preference for indirect lighting instead of bright fluorescent lights, lower volume and more peaceful music in places where it can be heard (bars, etc.).

3. Gender neutrality. Aspies are known to care little for gender differences. It is common for Aspie females to wear "male clothes" because practicality is valued over aesthetics. Even unisex toilets might be common in Aspergia, but they would not hold ulterior cultural/taboo meanings that they do in the Neurotypical world.

4. Groups are formed based on interests rather than family ties. They are also smaller than the Neurotypical groups usually are.

5. Certain societal clichés present amongst Neurotypicals, such as giving of unwanted gifts for no apparent reason, are not present amongst Autistics.

6. The sex drive of the Aspies is generally lower, sexuality is not pronounced in the same way as it usually is amongst the Neurotypicals.

The possible means to achieve Aspergia include:

1. Making the NTs realize that Autism is actually a neurotype and a part of neurodiversity, rather than a disability that they ironically call it, after which separate species rights are demanded from the UN and the state of Aspergia is granted. This is unlikely due to the social learning patterns, group dependability and blind worshipping of the authorities typical for the NTs which makes them adopt new ideas remarkably slowly.

2. Commencing a crusade of Aspies in order to forcibly claim a patch of land to plant the Aspergian flag on. This is unlikely, unless if the Aspies actually put their intellectual skills into something else than memorizing bus schedules, and hack a control of some WMD and hold the world at hostage.

3. Forcing the message of Asperger supremacy on imageboards until the subject's sense of reality falters and he starts to live in Aspergia inside his own head.

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